Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodwill Thrift Haul- Patterns & Details

Hey Thrift Buddies!

So I recently went to a new Goodwill in my area, and it was amazing! It was so big and was stocked with awesome clothes! I went with one of my friends at 11:00 in the morning and the store was basically empty!

Isn't it beautiful?!

Overall it was a great experience!

For some reason, I kept picking out pieces with awesome patterns and intricate details.
Here are some of the awesome things I found...

 total was about $20

floral corduroy button down- super soft and comfy!

I am in love with this vintage black sleeveless top. The beading on it is so beautiful and intricate! It's also super versatile; I feel like I can dress it up or down. Also, for some reason it reminds me of the roaring 1920's!

treasure for less than $4

the beading and delicate edge ♥

i love sunflowers and couldn't resist ~ it was less than $2

So a little disclaimer...I know that this shirt is kinda tacky and ugly...but I fell in love with it! I love the floral embroidery and I love that sunflowers are featured. I know this shirt will make me smile on a gloomy winter day and will also be perfect for Spring!

Patterns ♥

i love flowy tops ~ less than $4 each

Lost Beauties: Here are a couple  things I saw, but alas, they didn't fit right.

Look at these colors and prints!

Flowers & Stripes- The perfect combination

This trip was successful and I was very pleased with this new Goodwill...I will definitely be going back!

Also, I will be making a thrift haul video on this thrift trip, so you can get a better look at the clothes, so stay posted!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What to look out for- Holiday Fever

"What to look out for" is a new blog series that I will be doing. Each season, I will be posting a couple of  things you should keep an eye out for at the thrift store. Right now, as Christmas and cold weather approaches, here are 3 awesome things the thrift stores are full of.

1) Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I have a very large soft spot in my heart for "ugly" sweaters, especially Christmas sweaters. Right now, the thrift stores are swarming with them, so pick one up for your holiday party!

2) Mugs

Hot Chocolate is perfect for a cold winter day, so make sure you have a cool mug to drink it out of! Thrift stores are teeming with quirky and beautiful mugs. Also they are usually super cheap!

3) Flannels

I love flannels! They are warm and comfy, perfect for the chilly weather. I have so many, but let's be honest, can you ever have enough? I recently bought one with a red and green plaid pattern, perfect for Christmas. Also ladies, don't forget to check the men's section, since they usually have a ton of flannels, and because who doesn't love an over-sized flannel?!

p.s. my etsy shop is stocked up with a couple of winter sweaters...check them out!

winter sweaters

Goodwill Thrift Haul- First of Many

Yesterday I went thrifting for the first time since I've been home for winter break. I went with my main thrifting buddy- my dear grandmother J. It was sooo nice to walk into the doors of Goodwill. I immediately felt at home!

I love the Goodwill by my house. It's large and roomy, but not too big, so I don't get overwhelmed. The lights are bright, and the clothes are organized by color. The prices are also super good!

I'm pretty sure at least half of my wardrobe came from this dear Goodwill...

So on this recent trip I got a floral button-down dress, a beautiful (silk?) Indian shirt, and some cool housewares...

I love this floral dress! Even thought its winter I bought this dress in anticipation for spring (too early?)

love the red retro letters...plus it says candy :)

the pattern is so beautiful

found this cool little bowl that was made in portugal!

So my total for the day was $8.99

Pretty good, if I do say so myself :)

p.s. the floral dress and candy jar might end up in my etsy shop sometime soon, so stay posted!

Monday, December 22, 2014


I love to thrift. Seriously. Every time I go thrifting, I feel like I'm on a giant treasure hunt, looking for the most unique and interesting thing I can find. On this blog, I will share my thrifting adventures and the great things I find. I will also share various tips so that you can  have success at the thrift store.

So a little about me and my thrifting history...

I still remember one of the first times I stepped into a thrift store. I was appalled! It thought it smelled so bad and I was surrounded by tons of old clothes! I couldn't understand why anyone would shop there.

Fast forward a couple of years, I am about 16 years old and step into a thrift store with curious eyes and anticipation. This time I was able to look past the "unique" smell. This time I saw a store full of beautiful and interesting garments at dirt cheap prices. This time I came home with tons of wonderful pieces. I was hooked.

Now, I'm 19 and am still hooked on thrifting. It's one of my favorite hobbies and never gets boring for me (especially since I'm a college student on a limited budget). 

I look forward to sharing my love of thrifting with you!  

thrifting for records in my favorite thrifted dress