Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thrift Haul- Goodwill Blues

Hey Thrift Buddies!

This past week I was home for Spring Break, so of course I had to take a trip to my favorite local Goodwill! I bought some items that are perfect for the warm spring weather. When I was checking out, I realized that all of the items I bought were some shade of blue. Literally, everything I picked was either denim or had a blue pattern. I don't know why (blue is not even my favorite color) but I liked everything I picked so it's all good.

Total  for this haul was less than $20!

I finally found some overalls!!! 

My new favorite workout t-shirt

Railroad stripes ♥

This vintage sail boat sweatshirt is super big and super comfy

Those were some of the beautiful blue things I found for Spring! If you want some tips on what items to keep your eyes open for this Spring check out my last blog post!

Friday, March 20, 2015

What to look out for- Spring is Here!

Hey Thrift Buddies!

Happy first day of spring! To celebrate this day, I put together a list of things to keep an eye out for at the thrift store. I am so excited for the warm weather and the flowers that come with spring!

Here are 3 things the thrift stores are full of that are perfect for spring!

1) Short Sleeve Button Down Shirts

Short sleeve button down shirts are essential for spring. They are classy but still fun! I also love that most of them are made from cotton, so you stay cool in the warm spring weather. Here are some funky one's I found. I especially love that they have colorful floral patterns.

2) Denim Overall Shorts

Denim Overall Shorts are so 90's and super cute! I found a regular overall shorts version and a dress version. I can't wait to wear these around town! Also, I think that the shorts will be perfect for gardening and trips to the farmer's market.

3) High Waisted Shorts

One thing I love about thrift stores is that they always have a large supply of cool vintage highwaisted shorts and pants. I found some black and white checkered shorts. I also found a pair of vintage classic Levi cutoff shorts. Another plus is that shorts are usually pretty cheap at the thrift store, I usually only pay about $4 for a pair!

Good luck with your Spring thrifting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Goodwill Was Good To Me- Thrift Haul

Hey Thrift Buddies!

I finally got the chance to go to Goodwill last week, which I was especially happy about since I have been in Goodwill withdrawal recently.

So beautiful!

This trip was super successful; check out some of my awesome finds!

Fruit Shirt ♥

Look at those pineapples!

I'm kinda loving turtlenecks right now...

I found a denim overalls dress- so 90's and so cute

Denim Levi Cutoffs = Classic
I love these shorts so much! Can it be summer yet?! (jk i like the snow)

And last, but not least... this beauty ♥ 

This leather suede jacket is by far the best thing I found that day!!! It is in such great condition! The fringes and the camel color...oh it's so perfect. Also, I love the bohemian vibe it gives off.

So I looked it up... and this jacket is worth about $130!!! Let's just say I bought it for less than that...

All in all, I had a wonderful day at Goodwill

P.S. Check out my Etsy Shop, I just updated it for spring! It's stocked with cute button down shirts and high waisted shorts!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Salvation Army- First Time

Hey Thrift Buddies!

I recently visited a new thrift shop in my area. It was The Salvation Army!

This thrift store was clean and well organized. It had a large selection of clothing- especially tops and coats! 

The only thing I wasn't crazy about were the prices. The clothes were still cheap, but I think Goodwill has them beat. For example. a sweater at Goodwill is usually between $4-$6, but at The Salvation Army they were between $8-$12. I think the problem was that this Salvation Army was a little more picky, and raised the prices on items they knew were worth more- which was smart on their part, but stunk for me. 

Nevertheless, I found some good pieces of clothing to take home!

A lovely navy blue sweater- I wear it almost everyday!

I finally found a denim jacket!!!

Simple black and white striped dress :)

I love that chunky blue sweater soooo much. It matches everything in my closet! Also, I was so excited to find that denim jacket. It has been on my list for a while, so I was so happy to finally get it! I decided I'm going to cover it in random patches to make the jacket my own. I also found this cute simple black and white dress. I love the stripes and I think it will be perfect for layering!

So that was my experience of The Salvation Army thrift store.

What do you guys think of your local Salvation Army?