Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Goodwill Was Good To Me- Thrift Haul

Hey Thrift Buddies!

I finally got the chance to go to Goodwill last week, which I was especially happy about since I have been in Goodwill withdrawal recently.

So beautiful!

This trip was super successful; check out some of my awesome finds!

Fruit Shirt ♥

Look at those pineapples!

I'm kinda loving turtlenecks right now...

I found a denim overalls dress- so 90's and so cute

Denim Levi Cutoffs = Classic
I love these shorts so much! Can it be summer yet?! (jk i like the snow)

And last, but not least... this beauty ♥ 

This leather suede jacket is by far the best thing I found that day!!! It is in such great condition! The fringes and the camel color...oh it's so perfect. Also, I love the bohemian vibe it gives off.

So I looked it up... and this jacket is worth about $130!!! Let's just say I bought it for less than that...

All in all, I had a wonderful day at Goodwill

P.S. Check out my Etsy Shop, I just updated it for spring! It's stocked with cute button down shirts and high waisted shorts!


  1. I love the checkered shorts! I had a fruitful Plato's Closet trip recently that has renewed my love of thrifting. I'm hoping to make a Goodwill trip soon myself!

  2. That's awesome, I love Plato's Closet!